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Disappointing Popsicle Jokes


Disappointing Popsicle Jokes

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"Powidok " Photographs by Pawel Fabjanski

Afterimages Titled “Powidoki,” the series features objects arranged in visually interesting patterns and compositions, sometimes digitally retouched in unlikely but almost obsessively compulsive ways.

set design Zuza Slominska
retouch RunRun

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i’m just a fuckboy nobody loves me

he’s just a fuckboy, from a fuckfamily

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When In ‘Murrica


When In ‘Murrica

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koalafied-to-party said: i think i love you for that text post

Thanks.  Be more careful with your love, tho.  I’m terrible.

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The end is probably death, but the alternative is wasting every day clinging to an empty hope of staying clean.  I choose death.

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turn up lil dolphin


turn up lil dolphin

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